Veterinary Services

Doc Holly Pet Vet aims to provide numerous well-rounded and detailed services for our clients. From ultrasounds to house calls, we strive to reach our client’s needs. Our office currently provides care for dogs, cats, and horses, These services include vaccinations, dental, surgery, radiology, ultrasounds, and even breeding services.

Doc Holly Pet Vet front view

Veterinary Services

If visiting the office does not work with your schedule, one of our doctors can visit your home or farm to take care of your pet. We are committed to not only offering high-quality service but to providing a warm, friendly, and professional atmosphere for you and your pet. If you are interested in more information regarding our services, please click the images below or contact us today.

A dog on a leash

Pet Wellness and vaccines

A dog with a collar

Pet Spay and Neuter

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Farm call and large animal

A dog sniffing a baby puppies in a basket

Pet Breeding Services

A dog with a person's hand on it

Pet General Surgery

A person check dog

Pet In-house diagnostics

A person petting a dog

Pet Ultrasound and Radiology